Shimmertail mermaid swimwear costumes are made with high-quality swimsuit material. They can be used in the pool, on land, or in the bath tub! A Shimmertail includes a flexible fin with foot straps and are perfect for swimming!

Our Mermaid Story

Our adorable 12-year-old niece, Lyndi, wanted to create a costume her family could afford. So all her sisters could play mermaids together.

Using her passion, imagination, and fledgling sewing skills, Lyndi successfully created mermaid tails for herself and her sisters. With the help of her family, she soon started creating mermaid tails for friends and family. Four years and many mermaid tails later, along with a huge demand for her mermaid design, Shimmertail Mermaid Swimwear was created.

Our fin is great for swimming in the pool, playing on land, and is even in the bathtub. Shimmertails are made from high-quality swimsuit material and include a flexible fin with soft elastic foot straps. Just follow our detailed sizing instructions. We make original and affordable designs for mermaids and sharks of all ages and sizes. With sizing available for ages two and up, there is fun in store for the whole family.

Lyndi is passionate about all things mermaid, and we recently expanded our mermaid line into shark tails, merblankets and mermaid accessories. Check out our matching mermaid dolls sets, glow in the dark necklaces, and much more. Grab some matching accessories and come swim with us!

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

Ashleigh Cloward
My daughter is totally IN LOVE with this tail!!!! She looks ADORABLE!!!! Everyone loves it!!! However, when she attempted to swim she was not wearing a lifejacket and she is only 5. A lifejacket is required in the description of this product. The tail is adorable and everyone who sees it, LOVES it!!
Love them! Super Cute!! Thank you! My daughters 6 & 9. LOVE these! They swim in them for hours!
My daughters 9,5 love love swimming in them!! They came in last night and my girls begged me to let them go night swimming just to "try"them out. I actually just placed another order for my oldest daughter who is 12. She tried the 9-10 size and it fits.
Kimberly Lund
My daughter had this for her pool party and it was definitely a hit! She was the talk of the party and everyone was asking where we got it! Very fast shipping!
It's perfect in every way!
Fast shipping! 3 year old daughter was so happy to finally be a mermaid!! She could actually swim very well with it on as long as she wore her puddle jumper. We will definitely have to get the next size up! Thanks ladies! :)
My five year old couldn't be more thrilled--such a great deal to have the tail and fin included together. Super cute!
Rebecca Parker
We love it! My granddaughter loves being a mermaid!
Loved this shimmer tail. I would highly recommend.
It was the perfect present for the little girl I babysit and came in so quickly!
Brittany Shirlen
Absolutely perfect!!!! Me & my daughter both love it! She never wants to take it off! I can't believe how fast I got it! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Sarah Anderson
My daughter is absolutely in love with her mermaid tail.
Chris Henning
My daughter loves her mermaid tail, thank you!! There was some confusion on sizes, but the customer service I received was top notch and I absolutely would buy again and recommend to all my friends:) Will be ordering another for a christmas gift for my niece!! Thank you!!
Darlene Haggerty
Great gift for my granddaughter, excellent communication and quick shipping.
Best gift ever! We got so many compliments on this tail, I will be buying several more. So much fun!
Penny Kramer
They ship on time and they are darling. What a great price. My granddaughter loves it. I cant wait to get one in my size.
High quality, very well made! My daughter absolutely loves her tail! Thank you!
Jackie Kay
Great product, fast shipping and amazing customer service. I bought this for a friend and had to change the shipping address at the last minute. They were great and made sure it arrived in time for a b-day.